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First 20 people to arrive will receive a special gift pack
This show is going to be by far my biggest and most vulnerable. Only a select few people know that in early 2022 I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. This is not something I say easily and I am in no way at all looking for sympathy. I have always been a positive guy and have never thought it was possible for myself to actually suffer from mental health. This is where the "Bleeding Thoughts" collection was created. This collection is so incredibly vulnerable and personal to me. This collection will be a great test for my anxiety. I want to put myself so far out of my comfort zone to inspire others to speak up and to attempt to do my small part in breaking the stigma on mental health.
It would honestly mean the absolute world for as many of you to come to the opening and support me and show your passion for mental health.
The opening night will be HUGE. I will be collaborating with an organisation very close to me and who have helped me a lot on my journey. Speak share will be attending the opening night to speak and provide a small mental health workshop for anyone interested in being vulnerable. There will also be another guest speaker who has also helped me a lot on my journey.
- There will be music playing of course
- Alcohol, soft drinks and water provided
- There will be nibbles
- A silent auction
- A percentage of sales will be donated to Speak share
- Free stickers
"Bleeding thoughts investigates the connections between dispute and feeling. My personal struggles and perspectives on mental health served as the primary inspiration for this collection. This body of work goes beyond viewpoints and concepts centred on hot button issues today that have lead to a lot of my issues."