Brunswick street gallery, small works show - January 2020.

Perspective solo show, Brunswick, June 2020.

Brunswick street gallery, small works show - January 2021.

Revolution solo show, Mornington, February 2022.


2019 - Perspective

Albert Street Gallery, Brunswick

June 7th-15th

This was my first solo show. It was quite a small show, but was very successful. With this show I was showing people an insight in to a much different perspective on modern issues. I wanted to use art as a creative outlet to explore important subjects. 

I used a lot of bold imagery to convey whatever message I was trying to get across. The use of eyes and faces was my main focal point of this exhibition. I wanted the audience to be so moved by the force of power coming off these pieces.


2022 - Revolution

The Nook Gallery, Mornington

February 18th-24th

Revolution was all about working towards a new system. The show aimed to connect with all of your emotions, good and bad. I wanted people to walk out of the show with a new state of mind, wanting to start a fresh personal journey and contribute to a worldwide revolution.

Majority of the art was inspired by either personal life experiences and important issues impacting our world today.