Fractured Identities - Hand painted skate deck


Don't forget these...

Original painted skate deck upon order. Please allow 3-4 days for me to complete the painting. 

Acrylics topped with a coat of gloss varnish.

In this artwork, I embark on an exploration of identity, delving into self-discovery and its profound impact on my mental well-being. At the heart of the artwork stands a man, his face fractured, an unguarded glimpse into the vulnerable depths within. Cracks reveal the raw essence of my being, with an exposed skull symbolizing the fleeting nature of life and the delicate nature of self-perception. In the backdrop, two figures emerge, each embodying unique facets of identity. On one side a bespectacled man embodies the allure of intellectual curiosity, inviting contemplation and embracing the world through diverse lenses. By his other side, a Muslim woman symbolizes faith, spirituality, and the captivating richness of cultural diversity. 

Through the power of art, I confront the complexities of human existence and the profound impact they have on my mental health. The fractured face becomes a visual metaphor, encapsulating the internal struggle of navigating my own multifaceted identity, striving to harmonize its diverse elements. This artwork becomes an authentic expression of my emotional journey, reflecting my vulnerability and unyielding quest for wholeness and understanding. This piece compels viewers to reassess the authenticity of their own outward appearances, igniting introspection and fostering empathy towards the experiences of others.

80 x 20cm.

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