Strength in Unity - Hand painted skate deck


Don't forget these...

Original painted skate deck upon order. Please allow 3-4 days for me to complete the painting. 

80 x 20cm.

Acrylics topped with a coat of gloss varnish.


This artwork embodies my journey, revealing the
power of unwavering support. At its core, a native
warrior girl personifies my partner Mikayla, my rock through mental
health challenges.
Each brushstroke and hue expresses gratitude for Mikayla's strength
during my struggles. The warrior girl stands tall, mirroring Mikayla's
determination, understanding, and empathy. Her armor symbolizes
the resilience Mikayla brings, her shield, the safety in her embrace.
The vibrant landscape signifies the transformation support can bring.
With every stroke, I'm reminded that I owe my presence and healing
journey to Mikayla. The warrior girl embodies our growth and the
strength we've fostered. Mikayla, my rock, embodies empathy,
compassion, and love, standing by me through darkness.
This artwork underscores the importance of support, showing we're
not alone in challenges. Mikayla's presence shines as a guiding light
through storms. This piece pays homage to Mikayla's warrior spirit
and celebrates the transformative power of love and understanding.
It reminds us that belief from another can make all the difference in

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